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Training of Emergency Services staff is a function of the Local Authority rendering a Fire Brigade Service, Our Client  therefore has a SETA and International accredited training facility to train its own staff, as well as provide this service to other Emergency Services throughout South Africa and the world. It has happened before that training was supplied to staff of Emergency Services of other states within the SADC region, e.g. Botswana and Mauritius. This has ceased due to a lack of suitable infrastructure at the current facilities. The First In Africa, Internationally bench Marked Training Centre will host multiple of facilities and partners inclusive but not limited to Emergency Services, Licensing, EMPD, College for FET, Technikon / University, Ambulance College, Hotel school, Facility management, Erwat ,Economic Development, Gauteng Province, ACSA, Spoornet, SANDF ,Agriculture, IFE , SAESI, Fitness Partner/ Sports Medicine/ Organized Sports, SAPS Forensics, Diving Schools, Driver Training Schools.
Project Location is in Gauteng South Africa , on completion it is estimated that the construction value will be approximately R 1.6 Billion and the estimated project time frame is 5 – 10 years.