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Orvall Corporate Group

Project 2020 a new home for Orvall Corporate Group, our Workplace should flex to provide a variety of spaces and destination for our employees to inhabit that promotes productivity through the day. OCG towers Designed By Orvall Corporate Designs In Centurion South Africa. Client Brief was very clear and precise Design your own home in order to create the best working environment and deliver higher return on investment for the Group. Project Cost estimated R 300- 400 Million based on the green building initiatives ( natural lighting, double glazed low E curtain walls, rain water harvesting, Polystyrene insulation, automated Louvers to track movement of the sun insuring no direct sun light into the building, solar panels, Louvered Green facade and Garden roof top, recycled water system ). 50% of the Building occupancy for the OCG group consisting of Orvall Corporate Transport, Orvall Corporate Trust, Orvall Corporate Designs, Orvall Corporate Properperties , Kingdom Enlightened Multi-Billionaire-KEMB) and the Remainder of the space to be Rented out to our corporate Business Partners.